A Little About My Art and What Inspires Me

Born in Wyoming, I’m naturally influenced by the western lifestyle, cowboys, rodeo, Native culture and the magnificent landscapes only God could create.  Living in the Nebraska Sandhills where we have raised our family, I’m drawn to solitude and serenity and community.  As an enrolled member of the Northern Arapaho Tribe from the Wind River Reservation, the generations of women before me have instilled sharing culture, heritage, tradition, and mostly, the love of family.  Sharing my art has afforded me so many opportunities and taken me on adventures I never knew existed.  You may have met me over the years in Santa Fe, Phoenix, or maybe even Japan.   But mowing hay on a tractor,  checking pastures with my husband, or spending every day possible with our family is the source of who I am.  If we have not had the pleasure to meet, I think you’ll get a strong sense of who I am and the works I do.  Welcome, I’m grateful to have so many many amazing opportunities.

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My work is a two dimensional reflection of my daily life.  Being a wife, mother, and grandmother define the woman I am.

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