A Full Summer’s Work

Summers are more hectic each year.  Time flies quickly and days are filled with family, travels, golf, work,checking cattle, and cutting a little hay.  I begin getting ready for Santa Fe Indian Market along with everything else.  It takes the entire summer to get enough works and I continue to work until it’s time to load the trailer and head for New Mexico.

August and Indian Market is an exciting time in Santa Fe.  There  is more art on display than a person can process and the best green chili in the world.  We get to spend precious time with the wonderful friends we’ve made there over the years and always connect with new acquaintances.  I am proud and honored to be included for the 21st time in this prestigious market.  There is satisfaction in displaying and selling a full summer’s work.

"Plains Style Bag" Mixed Media 16" x 4" Framed  24" x 12"

“Plains Style Bag”
Mixed Media
16″ x 4″
Framed 24″ x 12″

Look for us in Booth 715 LIN-W, across the street from the bank.  I have many new pieces that I’ve added here to my site, you’ll be among the first to see them.

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